Yolong Effect Concentrator


Yolong Effect Concentrator

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Yolong Effect Concentrator

1. Effect Concentrator Introduction:
The equipment adapt to Chinese medicine, western medicine, grape sugar, starch, oral liquid, food, chemical etc. industrial organic solvent (such as alcohol) recovery, suitable for small batch and multi heat sensitive material low temperature vacuum concentration.

2. Effect Concentrator Characteristics:

1.with a small investment, high recovery efficiency.         
2. The medicine liquid concentrated from this equipment, without any pollution.         
3.It is easy to clean (open the upper cover of the heater can be cleaned).         
4.This equipment has the advantages of simple operation, small occupied area, using stainless steel matte, beautiful and generous.         
5.The equipment and liquid material contact parts are made of high quality stainless steel, which conform to GMP standard.

3.Effect Concentrator Specification

Model WZ-500 WZ-1000 WZ-1500 WZ-2000
Evaporation capacity(kg/h) 500 2300 3200 6300
Alcohol concentration(%) 80-85
Vapour pressure(Mpa) 0.03-0.09
Vacuum(Mpa) -0.05- -0.08
Evaporating capacity(㎡) 1 1.5 2 2.5
Heating capacity(㎡) 0.3 0.5 0.8 1
Gas deprivation(kg/h) 520 1050 1550 2100
Water deprivation(kg/h) 7 10 15 20
Heating steam outlet(mm) 40 50 8- 100
Cooling water outlet and inlet(mm) 40 50 65 80



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