Introduction of Yolong PLC automatic control system


Introduction of Yolong PLC automatic control system

2016-07-13 14:20 126 Ray

Introduction of Yolong PLC automatic control system

The whole brewing system is controlled by PLC. You can complete the brew progress by auto or manual.

Main Manu

1.Semi-auto in Mashing progress:
The picture following shows the diagram in mash tun. You can set the temperature and time you need in every temperature-keeping stage. Just like the picture shows, there are 5 temperature- keeping stage we can set.
When you press the “start”, the saccharify begin, on the temperature rise stage, it will open two heating tubes to heat, and on the temperature-keeping stage, only to open a #1 heating tube.

2. Boiling progress
The boiling progress is same as the saccharify. But there are only one temperature rising stage and one temperature keeping stage

3.For the fermenting progress, it is fully automatic controlled.

The fermentation process is divided into five stages. the first, second, fourth of these stages are the temperature to keep the stage; the third, fifth stage are the temperature drop stage. At the same time, we need to set the temperature in the top input stage; The second input box, we enter the the keeping time; the most of the following shows that the time has been carried out. There are four blocks in the cooling stage, the first block in the need to enter the stage to reach the minimum temperature, second blocks of time to enter the stage. Third blocks and fourth blocks are shown to be the time and the cooling rate of the present stage..

In a word, if the temperature of fermenter is above than we set, the electrical input valve of alcohol water open, the alcohol water flows within the jacket of fermenter, and the temperature will fall.
On the contrary, if the temperature is below, the electrical in pit valve of alcohol water will be closed. So the temperature will be kept on the set point. 

4.Cooling system

5.History record


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