Common types of brewhouse


Common types of brewhouse

2018-10-23 14:54 172 Shaw
Brewhouse is the energy consumption of our beer equipmen,Our commercial beer equipment usually has two or three tun, some of which have multiple functions.
1. Traditional brewhouse -2 vessel
 At present, this equipment is widely used in the industry
 It is mainly composed of mash&lauter tank and kettle&whirlpool tank.

 Its main advantage is:
 1. The equipment is simple and the investment is small.
2. Air pipeline is simple and easy to operate.
3. Due to the low equipment height, the requirements for field height are not high
Its main disadvantages are:
1. The wort can only be filtered by suction. The filtration speed is relatively slow, and the requirements for winemakers are relatively high.
2. This type of device will usually set the mixer in the mash &kettle tank. Since the mash &kettle tank has the function of turning and sinking trough, the mixer will affect the effect of spinning and sinking.
3. The waste water can only be prepared in advance, stored in buckets or fermenters (generally not recommended to be stored in fermenters, such as improper operation, easy to create a vacuum in the fermenters or affect the operation of the ice water system), troublesome operation and high heat loss
4. Such equipment in order to reduce the impact on whirlpool, generally do not set the spin cross, main set within the mash tun, spin cross role is to prevent any swirl when mash, obviously, is not set the spin the saccharification of the mash&kettle tank, its easy to form vortex when mash, cause gas into the wort pump, can form to wort pump light is "bound" gas, heavy may be due to a large number of gas into the wort pump, form "of the" cavitation effect wort pump life.
Such equipment is generally made of mash/kettletank and lauter/whirlpool tank. The mash/kettle tank is actually composed of two layers, with the upper layer as the filtration tank and the lower layer as the sedimentation tank

Its main advantages are:
1.The appearance is fine and high equipment, which is in line with Chinese aesthetic (bone beauty).
2.Mash/kettle tank generally have a large heating area and a fast heating rate.
3.The filter tank is in a high position, which can realize natural filtration (wort is filtered by gravity). The filtering speed is fast and the brightness of wort is high.
T4.he special turning groove is designed for vertical column groove. As it is a special turning groove, too many influencing conditions will not be considered in the design. Therefore, the separation effect of hops and hot coagulants is better.
5.When the wort is filtered, the saccharification/boiling pot can prepare the scrubbed water, and the scrubbed water can be filtered at the same time, which can shorten the saccharification time by 30-50 minutes.
In general, two batches can be brewed in a day. If staying up late to work overtime is considered, three to four batches can be brewed in a day. During the peak of beer sales, more wine can be brewed in the shortest time.
Its main disadvantages are:
The excalibur equipment is generally higher than the traditional saccharification equipment, the height of 300L equipment is 2.2 meters, which has certain requirements on the height of the site.
The investments in demarkation equipment are higher than those in traditional mashing equipment


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