Fermenters Tank


Fermenters Tank

2018-06-22 18:14 67 Felix

Fermenters Tank

Fermenters are widely used in beverages, chemicals, foods, dairy products, condiments, breweries, pharmaceuticals and other industries, and have a fermentation effect.

These tanks are typically used for the entire fermentation process, they’re advantage is that you can naturally carbonate the beer after 80% of the fermentation has taken place. Generally, they have a minimum of a 65 degree angle cone. Some have a racking arm off the cone, some have a tri-clover clamp in the bottom of cone which has tube extending up inside (typically above the yeast cake). There is a valve at the bottom that allows the tank to be completely emptied.

Fermenters typically have the following essential components:
1) Pressure release valve
2) Site glass
3) Sample cock

Some are outfitted with side manway doors, others with top manway doors. Often they have a cooling jacket around body and a separate cooling jacket on the cone. The advantage of this setup is the lower jacket can be used alone when the beer is gone and you simply wish to cool the yeast cake. These tanks are generally insulated and clad. Cladding and insulation are expensive. If a clad and insulated tank is beyond your budget, un-insulated tanks can be used in a temperature-controlled room, (Glycol, or walking airflow cooled) which will maintain a constant temperature.


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