Judge the quality of beer in a simple way


Judge the quality of beer in a simple way

2017-09-11 15:21 70 Sophia

A glass of beer is in front of you, and you know how to judge its good or bad?

1、Look at the date of production
It is stipulated in the world that the shelf life of ordinary bottled wine shall not be less than 4 months. Whether bottled or bottled, the beer has a shelf life of 4-6 months at ambient temperature. If it is refrigerated, the shelf life of beer can be extended to 8-12 months.
2、Look at the foam

Foam is one of the criteria for judging the quality of beer. A bubble of fine, rich beer looks more beautiful, so that people can see the desire to drink. Moreover, the rich foam on the beer can delay the carbon dioxide emissions and diffusion in the beer, so that the beer to keep refreshing feeling. However, before judging the beer bubble, make sure the wine cup is clean, and grease or dishwashing residue will destroy the formation of the beer foam.

3、Look at the color

The color of beer is very changeable. It can be divided into white beer, yellow beer, red beer, black beer, blue beer, green beer and so on according to the color. No matter what color and color the beer is, it should be bright and clean. In order to achieve a clear and bright effect, in addition to the beer itself must be tonal uniform, but also with the transparency of beer combination. We usually drink light colored beer, light beer should be light color for the best, pale yellow or golden yellow. If the color of the light beer is dark, then the beer is mostly bad or bad quality.


Beer can be divided into two categories: one is the upper fermentation (in the fermentation process of yeast will move to the surface of the beer) Eyre (Ale); two is lower (bottom fermentation yeast fermentation when submerged in wort) of lager (Lager). Eyre beer is usually full bodied and has a strong, nutty and fruity flavor. Lager is more concentrated on the smell of wheat and refreshing taste. Some special lager also has fruit or nut aromas.
A good quality beer. When you smell it, you can feel the obvious aroma or aroma of the fruit. It also can smell the aroma of hops, without the flavor of aging, the flavor of hops or the flavor of bad hops. The smell is pure and mellow. It's a good beer.


After the entrance to the beer flavour, aroma, or fresh, or full of mellow, pleasant taste, stimulate the carbon dioxide gas on the mouth, not the smell of yeast or other peculiar smell, it is a good cup of beer. Bad beer flavor is not obvious, flavor, taste, such as rancid smell, sour, bitter, sweet smell, iron is too thick or tasteless and insipid.

Look at the date of production is the most direct way, and if the expiration date, then this beer is almost certainly broken. But in addition to these,Foam, color, transparency, aroma and taste are the criteria for evaluating the quality of a beer.


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