Retro Beer


Retro Beer

2018-10-30 16:58 180 Shaw
The past decade has been a decade of craft beer, with IPA dominating the brewing world in the us and around the world.Then we started to innovate the Imperial IPA, Session IPA, Black IPA, muddy IPA and so on.On the other hand, heavy taste lovers are starting to make the taste of beer more and more complex.Stout, Imperial Stout, various old Stout and so on.

However, there is a saying in fashion that the more retro, the more popular.If you really think that drinking craft beer is hot, forget IPA and Stout for a moment and look into the fabled style.
Now, many of the new generation of wineries will find their way back to the original beer through the analysis of traditional customs, ancient literature and even wine ware.They even created a whole new style: the Traditional Ale.These beers are based on ancient brewing recipes, and they rarely use hops to get close to the original taste.
Dogfish Head, the founder of the Traditional Ale, restored the beer to its more original flavor. With the help of archaeologist Patrick McGovem, Dr. This way of combining new world beer and ancient beer again shows the spirit of creative brewing of craft beer.The retro style of beer is coming back into fashion. In this fashion, almost all of the traditional styles have been created by these new world wineries.New Belgium, for example, collaborated with 3 Floyds to brew a traditional polish style of Gratzer made from smoked wheat sprouts.Hair Of Dog, for example, produces various versions Of Adam's style beer.They have made all sorts of imaginative changes to an old, high-alcohol beer from Dortmund, Germany.
With these craft "predecessors" as examples, countless new small factories have also jumped into the development of vintage beer.They are experimenting more with traditional styles, including the Grisette style.
According to legend, the Grisette style was born in Belgium among the miners.Mines once filled the southern province of Enoch, where miners spent their days fighting for coal and other resources.And Grisette beer is their thirst-quenching drink.The name is supposed to refer to the color of the ore, which is also referred to as the miners' wives' signature grey apron, so it's also known as "little grey."

Like most retro beers, one can only learn from the book about its characteristics: light body, low alcohol, dry taste, similar color to another Belgian traditional style, Saison, etcAccording to various style guides, you can think of it as a low-alcohol version of Saison.
Similar to Grisette, there are many styles such as breslau-style Pale Schops, Dark Schops, swedish-style Gotlandsdricke that have been reproduced one by one.While this kind of engraving is by no means a gimmick, many retro styles represented by Grisette have won many awards at the Great American Beer Festival.

With the recognition of the world series, it is very easy to change the world trend, and this retro trend also blew back to Europe.Some breweries in Europe are also remaking these traditional styles of beer.I used to drink a British Grisette.
While these vintage-style beers are popular, many have not yet been incorporated into formal styles, such as Grisette, which is often included in the Saison style.Of course, using the word "style" to describe these vintage beers is strange in itself.When these beers were available, people didn't have a concept of style, they were just a beer, or an alcoholic beverage.


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