To runa bar, what quality do you need to have first


To runa bar, what quality do you need to have first

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With the rapid development of regional economy, the per capita income of citizens keeps increasing and business contacts are frequent, which brings fertile soil for the entertainment market of bar industry.Open a small craft beer bar investment is not much, but the return is very considerable, one is the bar drinks can be doubled to earn money;Second, the choice is much, management completely according to their own taste and preference.What's more, small craft beer bars are slowly coming to be accepted as a gathering place for high-class casual people.So opening a small craft beer bar is a smart choice for fame and fortune. In the site selection and business district survey, should pay attention to the following matters.

1. Present yourself as a guest to your competitors.Only in this way can we see what we want to see and see the real side of each other
2. Be sure to feel the quality of service and production in the beer bar consumption quality.
3. In order to correctly grasp the real advantages of the opponent, the number of customers in which period is the largest, and whether the customer source of the other side overlaps with the target customer source of its positioning, it is necessary to make multiple investigations in different periods.
4. The other party management techniques, publicity techniques, recent promotional activities and so on.
5. The price of the other side and decorate a style, employee's salary to wait for a circumstance.

How to run a small beer bar, there are many issues to consider, the first one is whether you are suitable to run a bar.From the perspective of operation, a bar is an economic entity that provides services and drinks and aims at making profits. Therefore, services and drinks are products of the bar at two main levels.Economically speaking, operators should be rational, that is, to achieve profit maximization as the goal.Profit is the purpose of the existence of a bar as an economic entity, but the operation and management of a bar can not be absolutely for the purpose of pure pursuit of profit, which may be the difference between running a restaurant and running a bar.
Six basic qualities that craft beer bar operators should have:

1. You have to like the beer bar and get used to it.
To run a small beer bar well, you must first like the bar and be able to adapt to the bar lifestyle.If you only go to a craft beer bar once or twice, and see the considerable profit, you are envious and want to open a bar of your own, but do not know much about the bar and bar life, it is better not to rush to invest, otherwise it will become a tuition fee for life experience.
There is such a story: three old men want to go to a shop, one of them is called wealth, one is called success, and one is called love, but the master can only invite one of them, the master finally decided to invite love, surprisingly, the two old men also came in.The final answer is: with love, wealth and success can go together.On the contrary, you can only choose one of them in singles.Because love can give people wisdom and strength.

2. Must have the following personal qualities and characteristics:
1) Affinity and personal charm.A bar owner should give the impression to the guests should be a lot of experience, a lot of stories of people, have a strong affinity, friendly, easy to get close to people;Bright personality, charming, good memory and comprehension.A man has no pressure in front of him, and a woman is very secure.Have a good service mentality and grasp the overall situation of the ability to resolve conflicts, understanding.
2) dare to face setbacks.There are setbacks in business is inevitable, the key is whether operators can dare to face setbacks, learn from the lessons learned, go forward courageously.A person who can not face setbacks, is unable to achieve career.
3) have the spirit of challenge.The operator is facing new challenge at the same time, also show to face new progress and opportunity.So, have the operator of challenging spirit, can seize every challenge opportunity, go all out, win the victory.
4) be honest.Do business most pay attention to credit, lose credit is very difficult to get a foothold in business, do not have credit management can fail only.

3 .Pleased to make friends
As a bar owner, you should like to make friends.Communication or communication is an ability.It can be innate, or it can be learned.This ability is essential to becoming a successful bar owner.Only in this way can more friends recognize you and like your bar.There is a bar in south sanlitun street, Beijing. It is not big in area and the location is not good. However, there are many customers who come here for consumption.When the boss and each guest meet, all make a greeting or send a simple greeting, everywhere intention, just right.The guest that has come to bar, when leaving always has a kind of feeling that does not enjoy fully, always want to chat a few words again with the boss, become the friend of the boss.How can business be bad for a bar like this?
4. Individual experience is rich and professional to bar knowledge bar operator should be miscellaneous and expert.

The so-called miscellaneous, refers to the boss's personal experience to be rich, with rich life experience and experience, there are a lot of anecdotes and stories of the boss, will have the charm to attract guests like.Bars are from the west, but not quite the same as western bars.The difference of region, climate characteristic and culture, consumption habit, decided the content of bar and form.As the owner of the bar, should also be familiar with Chinese and western culture;Moreover, I am good at finding the connection point between bars and Chinese people's consumption habits and preferences from the differences between Chinese and western cultures, so as to determine the form of bar opening and the content of bar operation.The so-called experts, is not required to do in a way very pure, achieve technical level, do you even know something about Chinese calligraphy and painting, write good word, or collected more than 100 copies of American blues music CD, good at playing the guitar, or Jordan, maradona enthusiasts, you is the so-called experts.What open bar need is your this kind of special skill, your interest, hobby and bar industry wind horse cow do not reach likely, but it can have positive effect to you manage bar absolutely.


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