Cuba beer--the most pure beer Caribbean experience


Cuba beer--the most pure beer Caribbean experience

2016-06-13 21:03 154 Ray

Cuba beer--the most pure beer Caribbean experience

Cuba, the beautiful island of the Caribbean Sea, continue to enter the field of view of all kinds of media from the beginning of last year. More than half a century of economic sanctions to resume diplomatic relations and the formal beauty of the ancient open new history.

Fidel Minda Castro island of the western hemisphere has many let the young blood to inspire the name, such as 100 percent assassination skills to escape with their, such as cigar Beret sportsman revolutionary Che By Guevara.
Of course, Cuba's charm is far more than the story of these legends. She also has her own increasingly clear outline, and increasingly full of personality.

Rather than political dark manoeuvre and game, entertainment to Cuba this solidification days the country has a their own favorite, has from unrequited love phase transition to the confession and the pursuit of

"Speed and passion" will let Vin Diesel in Havana Malec mez n exaggeration to soared from pink Chevrolet, "Transformers" will let Optimus played mother gun point not as old Havana damage the "culture heritage, Chanel of the 2016 summer show also will Cuba elements integrated into her creative fashion, absolutely is surprisingly good.

More surprising is that America and Cuba to resume diplomatic relations after not long, traveling from Miami to cruise to the tourists "looting" empty Cuban beer, once in Havana bar, coffee shop and filling station in the fridge is full of cold sweat of ice cold beer, now is bottle of hard to find, frighten state-run restaurants and bars at a loss, waiting for government regulation and control, and private entrepreneurs to find a way, try from the Dominican Republic Calais sourcing.

Cuba beer
Sorry, I finally got around to the point of this article today - the introduction of this beautiful Caribbean island nation of beer. Cuba's beer and we become accustomed to the life of petty bourgeoisie, craft culture, dinner rules, team sponsor half cents relationship are not.

If you and I once in Cuba lived observation will be to, most of the beer scene, is in the evening sitting in the Malec n breakwater salty flavor of the sea breeze blowing on a beer belly, or in small groups to sit in the center of the small square in the middle of the street with Reguet n music drinking and laughing, boredom is night.

Cuba types of beer, the most popular Cristal and Bucanero Fuerte. All is Cuba's largest beer manufacturing enterprises -- bucanero winery's brand (Cervecer, a Bucanero S.A. (CBSA).
Bucanero distillery is the Cuban government and Anheuser Busch InBev company jointly established the joint venture, in the eighties of the last century by German factory technology set up, and a step toward the market.

It is Cuba's most modern factory, which produces more than 45 million cups of beer a year and is sold to more than 21 countries and regions. Bbu Carneiro wine beer appear in almost every aspect of life in cuba.


Cristal is the most affected by the global wine guests welcome Cuba beer, also is the most popular straight in cuba. If you feel that you call it "Cristo" too characteristic, also known as "crystal beer".

Bucanero Fuerte 
Bucanero this word is refers to the 17th and 18th century activities in the Caribbean Antilles belt, and plundering goal only for group of the Spanish colonizers pirates, with universal significance of the pirates have difference (of course this is another history)

Allegedly in 1949, Mayabe village next to the found nickel, to successfully mine, need a lot of mule as labor, this growth industry falls in the called Pancho jackass.


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