Industrial beer and craft beer


Industrial beer and craft beer

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Industrial Beer and Craft Beer
The summer has gone, the autumn and winter have arrived, and there has been a wind of Craft Beer in China.Now, craft beer has become a synonym for high-end beer, often dozens of yuan a bottle, even thousands of yuan a bottle.What's the difference between an Industry Beer, like budweiser or snowflake, that we've been drinking for half our lives?
1.Different raw materials for beer making
Beer is based on grain, water is main raw material, add hops (or hops product) to ferment through yeast, contain carbon dioxide low alcohol ferment wine. According to the raw materials and fermentation process, beer can be divided into craft beer andindustrial beer. The usual budweiser, carlsberg, Qingdao and snowflakes are industrial beers.

(1) Craft Beer
Only malt, hops, yeast and water are used for brewing without any artificial additives.There is more malt, more hops added, and a higher concentration of wort produced than in industrial beer.Usually, craft beer is brewed without too much consideration for cost, most of which will be made from superior raw materials.
(2) Industrial Beer
It is made from malt, hops, yeast and water. However, in pursuit of cost, raw materials such as rice, corn and starch are used to replace malt.The resulting ale has a very low concentration and a lighter taste.
2.Different fermentation processes
The fermentation process of craft beer is different from that of industrial beer. Generally, craft beer adopts the al process (upper fermentation process) and industrial beer adopts the Larges process (lower fermentation process). The main difference is the location of yeast in the fermentation process and the fermentation temperature.

(1)Craft beer
More for al process, yeast at the top of the fermentation tank, floating above the liquid, the fermentation temperature control in 10-20 ℃ in general.Fermenters are usually small and do not filter or sterilize after fermentation.
(2) Industrial beer
More for raga process, at the bottom of the yeast in fermentation tank, beneath the sink in the wine, the general control fermentation temperature under 10 ℃. Larger fermenters, often filtered and pasteurized after fermentation, increase the shelf life (shelf life) of the beer.
3.Different fermentation times
In addition to the differences in fermentation processes between craft beer and industrial beer, the fermentation time is also very different.

(1) Craft Beer
Because it does not need to care too much about the cost, the fermentation time is often not paid special attention to, and the time cost is not taken into account too much.The most traditional craft beer can be fermented for up to 2 months, so that the beer is fully fermented and the wort is more concentrated and flavorful.
(2) Industrial Beer
For industrial beer, time is money, so the fermentation time of industrial beer is usually only about 7 days, so that the fermentation is not particularly sufficient, resulting in low concentration of malt juice and more mild flavor.
4. Different development history
The fermentation history of craft beer is longer than that of industrial beer.

(1) Craft Beer
In the beginning, ale was produced by women to protect their families from the harsh environment (such as plague, famine, polluted water, etc.).In the middle ages, when large Numbers of people died of the plague, the church took over the production of beer.As the market demand for beer increased and profits were high, craft beer developed rapidly.At that time, many European royalty also established their own royal brewery, brewing craft beer.But with the advent of refrigeration equipment, stable quality, non-perishable and transportable industrial beer became popular. Add to this the rise of glassware, and the murky aimer in the clear glass is less popular. Lagers are increasingly popular.
(2) Industrial Beer
19th century 40 s, Germany Bavarian brewing beer fermentation process to the Czech Pearson, produce the world's first gold beers, Pearson (industrial beer), with the emergence of refrigeration equipment the quality stability, not easy metamorphism is suitable for large-scale industrial production and transportation of beer line in the world.As transportation improved, pilsen beer and pilsen brewing became widespread throughout central Europe.
European popular beer were immigrants to the United States and the americans also gradually gradually to like this kind of beer, but as a result of the barley is less, so gradually from corn instead of barley used to brew beer, and later evolved into with rice or starch instead of barley beer, was formed on market now see the beer industry in the United States.

5.Different preservation time
(1) craft beer
most craft beer is not filtered and sterilized, so it is not very resistant to preservation.Most craft beers have a short shelf life, some with a shelf life of only a few dozen days.
(2) Industrial Beer
In the late stage of fermentation, industrial beer is often filtered and pasteurized, with a long shelf life.The average industrial beer has a shelf life of one to two years, and some can last for decades.


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