Problems in the Actual Cleaning of the Fermentation Tank


Problems in the Actual Cleaning of the Fermentation Tank

2016-04-29 11:29 124 Ray
 Problems in the Actual Cleaning of the Fermentation Tank

1.The process of fermentation will produce large amounts of protein, hop resin, sugar, yeast organic matter and calcium oxalate,sulfate inorganic.
The fermentation tank is emptied,the pollutants of organic and inorganic  attached on the tank wall ,yellowish brown in appearance. 
For a long time, the surface is white,inorganic matter and organic matter are intertwined.
When cleaning the fermentation tank ,it have effect on the removal of organic matter, if using caustic soda.
The cleaning temperature reaches about 70 DEG C, there will be a better cleaning effect.
Using single nitric acid to clean ,it has certain effect on inorganic material.
But it have little effect on organic matter.
The pollutants on the fermentation tank wall is the compounds of the organic and inorganic .
So it is hard to clean the tank ,if we use the single cleaner.
Therefore, some beer factory will purge the fermentation tank every year.
2.The repaired place of tank wall is not smooth, resulting in the difficulty of clearing .
3.In the use of spray ball cleaning :
Due to its abrasion or blockage, it result that the cleaning part of fermentation tank is imperfect, the dirt piled up.


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