Some tips on drinking beer in summer


Some tips on drinking beer in summer

2016-06-12 18:00 151 Anne
Some tips on drinking beer in summer 

Some tips on drinking beer in summer.
Summer, is clearly a good season to drink beer.
However, the beer is not too casually drinks for us. 
So today we share a little bit more common sense about beer with all of you.
1、Do not drink with much smoked grilled food 
After drinking, the content of lead in the blood will increase.
The combination of lead with the harmful substances in smoked grilled food will become carcinogenic substances.
2.  Do not drink with seafood
 Drinking a lot of beer when eating seafood, will cause gout, but also may occur urinary calculi.
3. Do not be mixed with liquor
Because of different methods and materials of the brewing wine , the composition of wine can not dissolve each other.
 If beer and liquor be mixed to drink,  it will accelerate the penetration of alcohol in our body,  it will cause greater harm to us .
 4、People with gastritis should not drink beer
Drinking beer too much, it can cause chronic gastritis.
People, who has been suffering from chronic gastritis, can aggravate the stomach or cause stomach bleeding if they drink beer too much.
5、Patients with liver disease should not drink beer
Because beer contains alcohol, alcohol absorb by gastrointestinal into body, after the metabolism of liver and other tissues and organs, the alcohol can be decomposed.
 if liver function is abnormal, the ability of detoxify is weak ,

therefore can not be timely to play detoxification,
It will prone to alcohol poisoning.
6、Taker should not be drinking beer
Because the alcohol in beer can produce side effects with the chemical reaction of the medicine, the acidity of the alcohol can also affect the decomposition and absorption of the medicine.
The effect of medicine is affected.
 7、Gout patients should not drink beer
Beer contains a large number of purine, nucleic acid.
 The blood uric acid of gout patients increased after drinking, it will cause gout.
 8、Diabetic patients should not drink beer
Alcohol in the beer will produce a certain quantity of heat, excessive drinking  can cause blood sugar in the body increase. it will make adverse health to patients.
9、Do not drink expired beer
The main component of beer is maltose.
It will deteriorate after long-term storage.
Carbon dioxide in the beer will disappear.
Drinking expired beer can cause diarrhea or poisoning.


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