The development of fermenter history


The development of fermenter history

2017-04-13 01:25 171 Shaw

The development of fermenter history

Fermentation system have the highest auto-control in the brewery equipment system, also the fermenter is the most one of brew system, now here we introduce the history of fermenter development.
At present, there are three generations of fermentation tanks in brewery equipment industry:
This kind of fermentation tank is characterized by: the top of the tank is installed with a large flange, its size is generally more than 300mm, the flange are evenly distributed 12 ~ 18 bolts, flange gasket is usually white rubber.
This type of fermentation tank belongs older design, the main disadvantages are:
The top flange dismantling is very troublesome: bolts fastening of bolts needs more than 30 minutes.
In accordance with the industry operating standards, flange bolts need to tighten the diagonal fastening, if not operate it according this process, it is easy to result in leaking.
The sealing gasket is rubber, so it is easy to aging and curing under high pressure.
Its advantages are obvious: easy to open the manhole, the brewer can easily open the manhole at any time, understand the situation at any time.
Second generation:top manhole fermenter
The fermentation tank usually has quick-open manhole on the top of tank, usually in the open manhole (i.e. manhole to the tank opening)
Less 500L fermentor equipment is limited to head size, usually is installed outside the open manhole (i.e. manhole door to the outside of a tank opening)
Its advantages are obvious: opening manhole manhole open easily, the winemaker at any time can be convenient and easy to keep abreast of the situation inside the tube.


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