What Are the Main Types of Beer?


What Are the Main Types of Beer?

2016-06-24 09:02 173 Shaw

What Are the Main Types of Beer?

Beer is what we often drinking alcoholic beverages. It tastes fresh, with malt aroma and alcohol concentration which is not very strong, being welcomed and loved by the a number of people. When we buying a bottle of beer, we always find there are more than one species, today Yolong will tell you the type of beer.

With color, there are yellow and black beer
The most common is the yellow beer with pale yellow. The beer with short malt as materials, light wine, refreshing taste, which is most common beer in buying.

The difference between the corresponding and yellow beer is very large, color strong black beer. A dark brown or dark brown, high-temperature baking malt, wort concentration is large, the fermentation degree is not high, and Wine is fragrant, mellow taste.

In sterilization method, there are cooked beer and draft beer.
The most common is cooked beer. We usually buy bottled and canned beer, which have been pasteurized and easy to preserve, is more stable.

Draft beer. No pasteurization and high-temperature sterilization, mainly through the physical filtration sterilization, can reach a certain biological stability of beer. When compared with cooked beer, craft beer taste more fresh, but the preservation time should not be too long.

According to the characteristics, it can be divided into dry beer and ice beer, etc..
The most common is dry beer. The beer fermentation degree is high, left little sugar. Taste dry, which is the best choice of friends that don’t like a lot of sugar intake.

Whole wheat beer. The malt brewing raw materials, do not add other materials, follow the Germany's pure malt brewing method, have a very strong malt smelling.

Ice beer. Listing of the beer is cooled to the freezing point process, when the beer after the emergence of small ice crystals, filtering to remove ice, ice beer is so named.

Wheat beer. Brewing is mainly by wheat, using the above, following fermentation brewing.


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