200L Beer machine for pub brewing


200L Beer machine for pub brewing

2016-03-31 20:28 148 yolong

200L Beer Machine for Home brewing

The beer equipment main components are as follows: 

a. Saccharifing Units
The unit is composed by malt grinder/screw conveyor,mashing tank/boiling tank,filter tank/depositing tank,wort pump,sheet condencer,hot and cool water mixture bank,pipeline filter,wort aerating device,electric contorl cabinet,pipes and pipe fittings. 
1.Depending on the size of the brewery mashing and boiling can be done in the same vessel or separate vessels can be foreseen. The mashing tun/kettle is made out of stainless steel or copper and has a typical capacity of 50L,100L,2hL,3hL, 5hL, 10hL, 15hL, 20hL ,and more.(1hL or hectoLiter equals 100 liters).
2.Filter/depositing tank is also designed as one vessel.Filter/depositing tank is made out of stainless steel or coppe.It is divided into upper and lower parts.

b. Fermention tank
This series tank is composed by fermentation tank,beer storage tank/bright beer tank and yeast tank. We have specification of 50L,100L,200L,300L,500L,800L,10hL,20hL,and we can also customize specification according to clients order.
1. Most of Fermention tanks are corn-shaped and can be used as beer storage tank.
2.All equipments are made of high quality stainless steel which meets the international food safety standards.
3.Adopt Polyurethane for thermal insulation with thickness of insulating layer over 60mm and intensity meets relatde standard.
4.Level and temperature of tanks are achieved by automatic or semiautomatic control.


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