Hollow fiber membrane for water treatment plant


Hollow fiber membrane for water treatment plant

2016-03-31 20:27 112 yolong

Pvdf hollow fiber membrane system intruduction

1.Hollow fiber ultra filtration System is a film separation technology to separate,condense and distill the macromolecule.
2.Condensing ultra filter is widely used in the idustrier such as food,ferment,medicine,envoriment,anchemicals.
3.Water ultra filter can remove the rubber particles,germs,virus,heat resource,protein and high polymer organic matter.
4.Hollow fiber ultra filteration system(configuration : raw water pumps,sand filter, active arbon filter,water softener,micro filter,pressure adding pump,protecting filter,Hollow fiber ultra filteration,sterilization,watertank and fittings.

Pvdf hollow fiber membrane system  Characteristic

Model INUF-1000 INUF-3000 INUF-5000 INUF-1000
Process capacity(L/H) 1000 3000 5000 1000
Raw water pump model CHL2-40 CHL4-20 CHL8-40 CHL16-40
Sand filter Φ 350*1500 Φ 500*1500 Φ 600*1500 Φ 900*1500
Water softener ( resin 001*7) Φ 350*1501 Φ 500*1501 Φ 600*1501 Φ 900*1501
Pressure adding model CHL2-20 CHL4-20 CHL8-20 CHL16-20
Micor filter Filter core specification Φ 65*500 Φ 65*700 Φ 65*500 Φ 65*700
Filter core number 5 5 7 7
Ultra filtration system(H/L) 1000 3000 5000 10000


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