High Grade Pipe type UHT Sterilizer


High Grade Pipe type UHT Sterilizer

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High Grade Pipe Stype UHT Sterilizer

1. Introduction
UHT is a process where the milk, juice, beer, wine, beverage etc is heated to approx 145 degrees C and held there for some two seconds. The UHT heat treatment time and temperature combination should be established based upon the product to be treated and it's viscosity etc.
Dairy that is processed in this way using temperatures exceeding 135° C, permits a decrease in the necessary holding time (to 2-5 s) enabling a continuous flow operation.

1.High heat effect  90% of the heat can be recycled
2.Temperature between the media and material is small so can realize gently heating.
3.The heating pipe adopts wave style. The media and material are both in flow that get hign exchange efficiency, more sanitary, increasing the working time.
4.Automatic running system  CIP system/ equipment, pipe and material sterilizer
5.Sterilizer temperature is accurate
6.The inside of the material pipe adopts advanced polish technology, automatic  pipe welding, pipe cleaning and whole-process sterilizer.
7.High safety system  all parts adopt reliable suppliers and brands.
The system takes body safe, equipment safe serious with alarm system and protection methods.

3. Technica data:
Capacity 500-1000 L/h UHT.
Temp 120-140 ℃
Compressed air pressure 0.5 Mpa
Oriducts in. temp  5℃
Cooling water in. temp  ≤ 25℃
Steam in. pres 0.6Mpa
Sterilization Temp 85-90 ℃
Ice water in.  Temp ≤5℃
Way of Control  PLC control, Touch LCD


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